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The settings used to validate your application are held in a spreadsheet - now obviously this is of a fixed layout in order for DeploymentWang to read and understand it. I'll shortly be providing a sample spreadsheet and a guide here on how to fill this out correctly.

A template spreadsheet is included in the download - this also includes detailed descriptions of the columns to help you enter your configuration.

Highlighted in the image below are a number of key areas in the spreadsheet and their relationship to the msbuild task.

Application attribute - the worksheet name is the application name. You can store settings for multiple applications in one spreadsheet, just use one worksheet per application. Application names must be unique (obviously!).
InstallationFolder attribute - this is combined with the Target column in the spreadsheet to form a fully qualified filename to the config file you wish to update.
Action attribute - this corresponds to the Actions column in the spreadsheet. This column is a comma delimited list of actions to perform on this config setting and only settings with a matching action are performed when your MSBuild project executes. This allows for a setting to be validated but not set - the intent of this was to allow a setting to be updated by another means but still have the result validated.


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