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Hey, what's with the 'Wang'?...

Derived from the Mitchell & Webb classic, NumberWang, the following is lifted from Wikipedia...

"Numberwang - a deliberately nonsensical game show, starring Robert Webb as the ebullient presenter. Paterson Joseph and Olivia Coleman play Simon and Julie, the seemingly permanent contestants who call out random numbers until the host declares "That's numberwang!", though no indication is given as to what numberwang is or how it is achieved. Midway through the game, the host suddenly decides to rotate the board that Simon and Julie are sitting on, briefly revealing a non sequitur scene, such as the birth of Jesus or two soldiers playing Russian roulette with a loaded pistol. Related sketches include a German edition of the programme (presented by David Mitchell), a documentary about the history of Numberwang, a trailer for a film called The Numberwang Code, a spin-off series called Wordwang and an advert for a board game based on the show."

Watch NumberWang on YouTube

I hate these dry, boring project names, e.g. ".Net Capitaliser v1.034" so decided after watching an old episode of M&W that all my open source projects would be SomethingWang' there you go.

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