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2 Jan '11 dusting off this project - I've made some changes a while back to the LinqToExcel wrapper (a bug fix to allow it to be used against different spreadsheets in a single MSBuild script) and also an optimisation to cache the dymanically generated assembly. I also have some new functionality around packaging Visual Studio solutions that I want to release (basically it will copy & clean a solution folder to a new location so you just get source code minus any binaries, resharper files etc so it is suitable for zipping as a pure source code release. I use this in all my OSS projects so thought it worthwhile to package it as part of DeploymentWang. A new release will be created soon! 24th Sept '09 planned version will add a web page link checker using the Http debugger Fiddler to do the heavy lifting and a spreadsheet to store the urls you want to check, DeploymentWang will provide an MSBuild task to call these urls and store any links on the page that return a 404 response code. This provides two helpful additions to your deployment validation routine - 1) site warm up and 2) broken link discovery. Release v1.1.0.0 to appear shortly - Fiddler extension code is complete and working.
8th Oct '09 v1.1.0.0 is code complete and tested. I just need to get off my behind and refresh the source code repository and create the release zip. Big refactor means,
  • LinqToExcel wrapper to create dynamically compiled classes for any worksheet column layout and provides runtime worksheet name selection (default LinqToExcel requires you know the name of the worksheet you want to read at compile time).
  • Fiddler extension - Calls a url (with MSHTML) to check for broken links (url passed to it via ExecAction). It then records any 404 http results to a file of your choice.
  • New MSBuild tasks to,
    • "FiddlerExec" - this will start Fiddler if not already running and passes it a parameter via a call to Fiddler's ExecAction.exe (this allows you to "remote control" Fiddler). This is how we get Fiddler to dance and perform our "link check" (below).
    • "GetUrls" - read a list of urls from your spreadsheet into an ItemGroup
    • "LinkCheck" - takes an ItemGroup (of urls) as input and calls the "FidderExec" task on each one. The 404 http results from any broken static links in the markup are captured to file and made available back to MSBuild as a new ItemGroup (Task Output).
    • "ReadFileAsItems" - reads a delimited text file and converts each row into a rich TaskItem (MSBuild ItemGroup) - you can select which columns to return as properties of the Item. This can be used to return the 404 results from the text file created by Fiddler back to MSBuild.
19th Oct '09 v1.1.0.0 released - grab it from the download link on the right ---->

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